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**Joe B. Miller of Millersville, Missouri put on a strong showing in the 20 lap POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro Series feature event at I-30 Speedway in Little Rock, Arkansas. Sharing the front row with Arkansas native and pole sitter, Travis Senter, Miller and Senter went neck in neck for the top position into turn one. Coming out of turns one and two for the $2000 to win, $200 to start main, Miller had the clear advantage and started to put space between himself and Senter, while Steven Shebester trailed in third.

Miller’s pace was only slowed one time with the caution occurring early on during lap four. When the field returned to green flag racing, Miller took off as Shebester pressured Senter for the second position. Shebester officially took second from Senter on lap seven. As the laps wound down and the top three diced through traffic, Nathan Benson closed in on third place runner, Senter, after starting twelfth. Snagging the position from Senter on lap 17, Benson took third place and rounded out the podium with Senter in fourth. Josh Rehm finished fifth.

“I knew we were going to have to get the jump,” said Joe B. Miller. “Trav and I were going in almost nose to nose. It was a drag race into one and once I knew I had the preferred line up on the banking, we could get rolling pretty good. Heading into three, we were stuck and I knew we were golden.”
“We had a decent run in the midget, ended up third,” Steven Shebester stated. “Came out in the micro and started sixth, picked off a couple cars in the beginning and just let it roll after that and ended up second.”

“Unfortunately the heat race didn’t go quite so well,” explained Nathan Benson. “Got bottled up on the start and didn’t get enough passing points, so we had to come from twelfth. Really fast car; just wish we could have had a caution there near the end.”

Speedway Motors Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: 22J - JOSH REHM, Heat 2: 22B - NICK BAILEY, Heat 3: 3B - SHELBY BOSIE, Heat 4: 22 - TRAVIS SENTER

Semi Feature Winner: 2C - CHRIS COBIN

Great Clips Feature Winner: 51B - JOE B MILLER

POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro Series Feature Results (20 laps): 1. 51B - JOE B MILLER 2. 21M - STEVEN SHEBESTER 3. 2B - NATHAN BENSON 4. 22 - TRAVIS SENTER 5. 22J - JOSH REHM 6. 42 - ANDY BISHOP 7. 28M - TODD MCWILLIAMS 8. 22S - SLATER HELT 9. 22B - NICK BAILEY 10. 55B - BRANDON ANDERSON 11. 3B - SHELBY BOSIE 12. 6X - CHRIS MEYER 13. 2C - CHRIS COBIN 14. 27K - KYLER KEELER 15. 88 - BJ GATEWOOD 16. 18N - NOAH BURLISON 17. 1 - CAILIN HUNT 18. 69R - CLAYTON ROBERTSON 19. 33C - JEREMY COX 20. 56 - BRIAN ROSS 21. 7 - DUSTY YOUNG 22. 99 - ALEC LONG 23. 6A - AIDAN ROOSEVANS

**For the second time this season the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series took to I-30 Speedway. 20 drivers signed in for competition as the weather was perfect for racing.

Heat races would be won by Jason McDougal, Tucker Klaasmeyer, and Steven Shebester, with Klaasmeyer being the nights Integrity Customs high point driver of the night. With the dice landing in 2 Klassmeyer would be moved to the out side of the front two putting Steven Shebester on the pole.

Shebester and Klaasmeyer would bring the field to green with Klaasmeyer jumping out to the early lead. Shebester would be challenged quickly by Chance Morton, Jason McDougal, Jake Blackhurst and Joe B. Miller.

As the race went on Klaasmeyer would develope an extensive lead over the field while Morton would try to reel him in. Shebester, McDougal, and Miller would all battle for 3rd. The nights only caution would fly 21 laps in as Kory Schudy spun to a stop in turn 4.

The restart would see a lap car between Klaasmeyer and Morton, and just as Klaasmeyer would get a great restart Morton would have pressure in the form of McDougal on the top side of the race track. The two would battle for the next 3 laps and on the white flag lap McDougal would make his move with a big slider into turn 3. Morton would check up and when he attempted the cross over, big wheelie, and trouble for Morton as he would get upside down exiting turn four for checkered flag.

Klaasmeyer already crossing the checkered flag picking up his first midget win, with McDougal, Shebester, Miller, and Blackhurst rounding out the top 5.

A-Feature Results: 1) 27 Tucker Klaasmeyer 2) 73 Jason McDougal 3) 82M Steven Shebester 4) 7U Joe B. Miller 5) 37 Jake Blackhurst 6) 17 Austin Brown 7) 55 Hunter Fischer 8) 52 Blake Hahn 9) 7M Kevin Ramey 10) 28 Kory Schudy 11) 44 Wesley Smith 12) 7 Chance Morton 13) 8M Kade Morton 14) 27K Kyler Keeler 15) 41 Brad Thompson 16) 89 Nick Bailey 17) D6 Dakota Gaines 18) 92 Austin Lambert 19) 23 Hannah Adair

RaceBumper. Com Hard Charger: Hunter Fischer +8
Rod End Supply Hard luck: Chance Morton
Mud X Lucky 7: Hunter Fischer
Integrity Customs High Point Award: Tucker Klaasmeyer

Saldana Racing Products Heat 1: 73 Jason McDougal
Day Motorsports Heat 2: 27 Tucker Klaasmeyer
Smith Titanium Heat 3 : 82M Steven Shebester


FEATURE: #9jr Derek Hagar, #3$ Sammy Swindell, #88 Tim Crawley, #3 AG Rains, #52 Blake Hahn, #26 Marshall Skinner, #14k Kyle Bellm, #95 Matt Covington, #86 Tony Bruce, JR., #42 Andy McElhannon, #15j Jeremy Middleton, #88r Cody Gardner, #91a Ernie Ainsworth, #9 Justin Sturch, #14m Jordon Mallett, #43 Matthew Bauldwin, #40 Howard Moore, #31w Justin Webb, #d6 Dakota Gaines and #8z Zach Pringle

HEATS: #d6 Gaines, #3 Rains, #14m Mallett and #9jr Hagar

XTREME TOWING DASH FOR CASH: #9jr Hagar, #3 Rains, #14m Mallett, #14k Bellm, #15j Middleton and #d6 Gaines

"B"1: #26 Skinner, #31w Webb, #86 Bruce, JR., #38 Rick Pringle, #91r Kevin Ramey, #6g Dustin Gates, #32x Robert Richardson, #27 Tucker Klaasmeyer, #21b Brandon Hinkle and #31g Johnny Gardner

"B"2: #95 Covington, #40 Moore, #91a Ainsworth, #12t Joe Young, #44 Jared Sewell, #21k Kevin Hinkle, #32m Adam Miller, #69 Jamey Mooney, #X Charlie Louden and #4 Tommy Snellgrove